Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Penny from Vikingstar, who has been rearing Lucy's puppies, brought them to see us after they had been microchipped at the vet.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Promise - this song is for sale


Words and music T Morton 2006-10-27 All rights reserved

That touch so accidental
Turned into a caress
And I was lost completely
In your sweet tenderness
Your kisses taste of sunshine
Summer’s shining in your eyes
And I will love you ‘til the rivers
And the seas run dry

I promise you the morning
I promise you the day
I promise you the life you’ve always dreamed of
I promise you the dawning
I promise you to stay
Forever by your side
My love

I’ll hold you through the darkness
I’ll protect you through the storm
When winter tightens its grip
I’ll make sure you’re safe and warm
And I will always love you
Through the troubles and the tears
No matter what, you can be sure
I’ll still be standing here


Copyright T Morton 2006
All rights reserved